A: Our Paleo menu automatically cuts out a lot of common food allergies as well as inflammatory foods. We do not use any sugar, wheat, dairy, gluten, peanuts, soy, artificial additives, preservatives, MSG or GMOs, added hormones, antibiotics, or corn in any of our food items. You view our exact ingredients for each menu item HERE and you can also see the ingredients on our Menu Page.

  • A: It is dependent on if you order lunch/dinner, breakfast, or just protein meals. See below for the breakdown, or your can click the ‘portions’ tab on our ‘Order’ page.

    • Breakfast Small = 3 oz. eggs, 1 oz. protein, 1 oz. side, 1 oz. side – Total 6 ounce meal. Medium = 6 oz. eggs, 2 oz. protein, 2 oz. side, 2 oz. side – Total 12 ounce meal. Large = 9 oz. eggs, 3 oz. protein, 3 oz. side, 3 oz. side – Total 18 ounce meal.

    • Lunch/Dinner Small = 2 oz. protein, 2 oz. side, 2 oz. side – Total 6 ounce meal. Medium = 4 oz. protein, 4 oz. side, 4 oz. side – Total 12 ounce meal. Large = 6 oz. protein, 6 oz. side, 6 oz. side – Total 18 ounce meal.

    • Just Protein Small = 6 oz. protein. Medium = 12 oz. protein. Large = 18 oz. protein.

A. The Macro breakdown can be found HERE – Or they are also on our Menu Page – Under the Macros button.

A: We currently have a “no meat” option on our breakfast menu which will substitute more eggs in replace of the meat portion. We also have a ‘Just Sides’ option where you can order 6 oz., 12 oz., or 18 oz. of any of our side items. Our sauces are vegan as well.

A: Each meal container label will have an expiration date on it as well as a freeze by date. They typically last 7 days in a cool to cold refrigerator. We recommend eating the meals fresh, and recommend not freezing them for more than 30 days.

A: Absolutely! You get to pick what size, protein and sides you’d like in each meal. You can make all the meals the same, or make each one different.

A: We do! We can work with any budget and create any dish. Although we can create any food item, (tacos, spaghetti, salad, etc.) we will put our healthy, fresh, and delicious Nature’s Purpose spin on the foods. Click our ‘Healthy Catering’ tab to view our menus and email Jessica@npdelivered.com with any catering questions and for a custom quote.


A: You can order directly from your phone, computer, or tablet by logging onto our website (www.npdelivered.com) and clicking the Order button. We do not do any over the phone orders. If you need help ordering online, please email info@npdeliverd.com for assistance.

A: Orders close weekly on Friday at 7AM, with delivery being that Sunday between 3pm-9pm. Any orders placed after 7AM on Friday will be scheduled for delivery the following Sunday.

A: Double check that you have the correct billing address for the card that you’re using. Even though your shipping address is where you are having your meals delivered, your billing address needs to match the address assigned to your card. If you need further assistance please email info@npdelivered.com.

A: It usually takes about 1-3 minutes for the delivery receipt/confirmation email to process. If you don’t see it after a few minutes please check your Spam folder or email info@npdelivered.com for further assistance.

A: Unfortunately not. We send our produce weights and packing counts to our vendors right after cutoff, so unfortunately any orders after cutoff exceed our allocated quantities and will be scheduled for production & delivery the following weekend.

A: Simply login to your account, place a second order, checkout as usual and then email us at info@npdelivered.com with your name and both order numbers. We will let our team know to combine your orders as well as reimburse you for your second delivery fee.

A: Nope! You won’t have to sign any contracts or be automatically signed up on a membership. If you order by Thursdays at Midnight, you’ll get your meals on Sunday. If you don’t order, then you won’t get any meals. It’s that simple!

A: Simply place the order that you’d like to make recurring on our website, and email your order number (EX: #10902), Name, and Credit Card information to info@npdelivered.com. You can also call us with the order number and card information at 480-499-3126. Each week we will place your order for you and process payment. If you’d like to pause/stop your recurring for any reason, or if you’d like to add/remove/swap items in your order, please send an email before cut-off on Wednesdays  at Noon to info@npdelivered.com.



  • A: Our website will automatically calculate your delivery fee based on where you are located in the valley. We currently service the following cities listed below:

    • Tempe, Mesa, Ahwatukee, Chandler, Power Ranch, Chandler Heights, Gilbert, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Greyhawk, Pinnacle Peak, Carefree, Anthem, Arrowhead, Surprise, Peoria, Glendale, Buckeye, and surrounding areas.

A: Yes. Under ‘Delivery Details’ choose from the drop down menu under ‘Delivery Date’ and choose your preferred date from the options listed. This can also be updated in your Account details under “Modify Your Address Book Entries”.

A: We can do office or gym deliveries on Mondays between 9am-1pm for the Tempe and Scottsdale areas only. You must write details about your work/gym delivery in the notes section of your order, and select the Monday delivery day from the ‘Delivery Date’ drop down menu, to receive Monday delivery.

A: No. We are located in a private commercial kitchen so we do not have an option for pick up at this time.


A: Please leave the packaging material and ice packs outside by your front door, and our delivery driver will pick up the old materials when they deliver your new order. Any meal containers can be discarded/recycled.


A: We are working through this on our website now. This was a feature on our previous site, and we will announce when referrals are updated on this new website. Thank you for your understanding. 

A: Please leave any reviews on Google, Yelp, or our Facebook page! Thank you!

A: We partner with a bunch of corporate offices, gyms, associations, and small businesses around the valley who have a specific discount code for their members/employees/customers. Feel free to email us to see if we are partnered with a company you’re connected with.

A: After you create the meals that you’d like to order, simply click on the “Cart” page and type in the amount of points you’d like to redeem in the “Redeem Your Reward Points” section. Then click the “Apply Reward Points” button, proceed to checkout, and you’ll see the discount.


Yes! We work out of a private commercial kitchen closed off to the public, and then deliver your meals directly to your door. We are open and can help make your quarantine a little easier with healthy food delivered to you.

We follow the guidelines set by the CDC and Department of Health & Safety. All of our staff wear face masks, gloves, wash their hands frequently, we check body temeratures prior to the shift, sanitize our kitchen before, during, and after production, and we even provide them with Emergen-C and Immunity Boosters throughout their shift. Your health and safety along with our ehealth and safety is our FIRST priority always, and especially during this Coronavirus/COVID-19 time.

It’s safe and convenient to you. You will receive an email once your delivery is on it’s way (typically about 10-15 minutes out), then once your delivery driver has arrived at your home, they will place your meals at your front door, knock or ring the doorbell, then leave. They will also send you a text message letting you know that your meals have been delivered. No contact, and adheres to social distancing standards. 

Unfortunately no. We are a private commercial kitchen closed off to the public with strict health & sanitation standards. Any outside bodies other than the staff who work at our facility, especially during Coronavirus/COVID-19, are not allowed into our facility for health & safety reasons. We are practicing social distancing within our staff as well as with our customers, so your meals will be delivered to you with no contact from your delivery driver. 

Not at this time. Once Coronavirus/COVID-19 is gone from our community, we will be collecting all delivery materials back. In the meantime, you can either keep your items and utilize them (the brown paper bags make for great forts for cats!), recycle them, or hoard them until we are able to come pick up the materials after Coronavirus/COVID-19.