How It Works


We Make It Easy For You To Enjoy Healthy Food!

Order on your phone or computer, our team will prep, cook, package and deliver your custom made meals right to your home.

Fresh, never frozen, delicious and healthy as nature intended.

1.  Order Online

Login as a guest or create a free member account and click our Meal Prep Menu page to start creating your custom meals. Orders close weekly on Fridays at 7AM

2.  Customize Your Meals

Select ‘Custom Meals’ to pick the protein and side options you’d like in each meal. Add the selected items to your ‘Cart’ to review your order, apply rewards points or promo codes, and proceed to checkout.

Don’t forget to add any extras like sauces, soups, just proteins or just sides!

3.  We Cook and Deliver

Our team of chefs will prep, cook, and season your custom made meals to perfection.

We will then package your order and deliver it right to your home. You choose your delivery day, either Sunday 1pm – 9pm or Monday 9am-1pm.

4.  You Heat and Enjoy!

All week long enjoy your pre-made healthy meals customized by you, made for you, available right in your refrigerator.

Simply repeat the order process each week to experience maximum happiness & fullness!




Each meal comes with the Macro Nutrients (Macros), Ingredients, Meal Size and Expiration Date listed right on the label.

Yeah, we’re good like that.


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