Recurring Orders:
If you would like to receive your order on a recurring basis, please send an email to We will setup the recurring order and the payment for you – You just have to send another email when you want to discontinue ordering.
Delivery Guidelines:

1) Meals are delivered every Sunday between 4PM and 9PM.
2) Meals should be placed in the refrigerator within 1 hour of delivery
3) Maximum shelf life is 7 days after delivery, IF meals are stored at or below 38 degrees F – Set your fridge to “Coldest”
Delivery Area:

We deliver to Phoenix, AZ and the neighboring cities.
* Delivery charges are based on total travel time.
Delivery Materials:

All delivery materials are 100% RECYCLABLE!
** HOWEVER – We reuse and/or recycle all materials – If you are a regular customer, please place all delivery materials on your doorstep on Sunday afternoon.
Plastic Meal Containers will be washed and used to deliver food to homeless/children’s shelters.
Bubble Insulation Wrap will be used for insulation in sleeping bags for homeless/children’s shelters.
Terms and Conditions:

All submitted orders and purchases are final and are not subject to dispute after the weekly order cutoff.
All order, quality and safety related issues are the sole responsibility of Nature’s Purpose – Please contact us through the contact page with any issues.