Our Company

Nature’s Purpose is a custom Paleo meal prep and catering service located in Tempe, AZ. We can prep, cook, package and deliver your weekly meal prep or we can painstakingly design and execute your dream catering event. We are here to exceed your expectations and help make your life easier.

Our team is a group of passionate advocates for the health and happiness benefits that real food can bring to one’s life.
Our collective mission is to give more than we take by positively influencing and teaching those who we can reach – From the children to the CEOs.

Our Food

Each of our recipes have been selected specifically for its satisfying flavors and its energy packed qualities – When it comes to our ingredients we believe that less is more:

  • Less processing in order to cut the chemicals from your meals.
  • Less filler to prioritize real food which is nutrient dense and satiating.
  • Less ingredients in order to emphasize the flavors and balance of our options.


Ordering closes at Midnight on Thursday of each week.
Ingredients are sourced and meals are created in our commercial kitchen.
Your meals are delivered directly to you on Sunday between 4PM and 9PM.
Ready to heat.
Ready to eat!


Our Passions

  • Using simple ingredients to produce amazing flavor.
  • Making decisions which will lead towards a better community.
  • Educating those who want to learn about healthy eating and a healthy life
  • Providing a product which will put pharmacies out of business – “Farmacy”.

Our Future

  • One goal of Nature’s Purpose is to add Vegan and organic options.
  • Another goal of ours it to establish ourselves as trusted professionals for office and event catering.
  • Our most passionate goal is to achieve a level of success which will allow us to donate massive amounts of meals to hungry children and hungry veterans in the community.


  • Less processing in order to cut chemicals and preservatives from your meals.

  • Less distance traveled by sourcing locally grown ingredients from farms near you.

  • Less filler to prioritize real food which is nutrient dense and satiating for your energy demanding life.

This company was created for our family, for your family and for your neighbor’s family.

We are stewards of the community.